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Vigoda with lime, Vigoda with lime. TV's fish has gotten more delicious
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Saturday, December 1st, 2007
8:26 pm
And he is still alive, apparently.

But no extras on the Second Season of Barney Miller.

DVD Name   Ep #   Release Date
Season 1    13    January 20, 2004
Season 2    22    January 22, 2008

"Sony is preparing a 22 January DVD release of Barney Miller: The Complete Second Season. This hit sitcom starring Hal Linden and Abe Vigoda will arrive on DVD with all 22 of its second-season episodes getting full-frame transfers and stereo mixes... SRP is $29.95."
Saturday, September 30th, 2006
1:52 pm
Alive, I tell you!
[cross-posted from my personal journal]

Look who was on Conan O'Brien on September 28! He was in a brief comedy sketch - Conan claimed that this was Abe Vigoda at his college reunion, lifting a beer with his classmates.

not dead yetCollapse )
Friday, February 24th, 2006
2:46 am
Happy Birthday Abe Vigoda!!!! 
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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2004
5:00 pm
abevigoda.com is working again and incase you were wondering...

Abe Vigoda is alive

Page loaded Friday November 25 2005 3:57:01 PM PT


and unless he died at withen the last 1 hr and 3 minutes we can safely assume he still is alive (good to know)

Monday, September 5th, 2005
2:59 pm
Abe Vigoda does voice over for "Godfather" video game

Assosiated Press:


In this photo provided by Electronic Arts, actor Abe Vigoda records a voiceover for 'The Godfather' video game by Electronic Arts in New York, Tuesday, August 30, 2005. Vigoda read lines of the character he played in 'The Godfather' film, Mafia captain Sal Tessio. The Godfather game is expected to be released in early 2006. One of Vigoda more memorable roles was in the television sitcom 'Barney Miller' where he played detective Phil Fish. Vigoda's character was so popular, a spinoff series called 'Fish' was created in 1977. 'Barney Miller' ran from 1975 to 1982. (AP Photo/Jon Simon,Electronic Arts)

Sunday, August 14th, 2005
4:47 am
Vigoda Speaks!!!!!!
ABE Vigoda squeezing avocados at Fairway "contemplating them for a while as if the firmness of their flesh had awakened some potent memories,"...

"come to bed Abe"
"not now dear I'm squeezing avacodos"

that was both creepy and funny
Sunday, August 7th, 2005
4:28 am
more vigoda!
[mood| Image hosted by Photobucket.comNostalgic]
What? Nobody posted about Vigoda being on the Debunking Late Night Myths on how hard it was to get him on for meaningless sketches.

Anyway, that was great.

"We were wondering if you could come in to do a skit for us."
"I'll have to check my schedule."
2 seconds later, Abe walks in the office.
"I'll do it."

I think that was the first time I ever actually heard him talk.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
1:55 am
So....any Vigoda news?

Um he's still alive...thats always good.

Ok here's a question.

What besides Conan O'Brien have you seen Abe Vigoda in/on?

I've seen him in Good Burger abd Look Who's Talking and on Family Guy. I think I may have also seen Barney Miller once.
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
2:48 pm
Anyone want to take a jab at that trivia question?
Monday, July 11th, 2005
3:15 pm
Trivia question of the week
How did Abe Vigoda get the part of Fish on Barney Miller?
Saturday, July 9th, 2005
1:31 am
Ok, well what's the point in having a community without the song posted?

Vigoda with Lime

Vigoda with Lime
Vigoda with Lime
TV’s fish is now more delish with the tangy twist of lime
Vigoda with lime
Vigoda with lime

also, i watched the Godfather the other day and I was like "That guy looks a *lot* like Abe Vigoda!" and I thought about it for a few minutes, causing me to rewind, thinking when the movie was made and his age and all and determined it was made in the 60s and it couldn't be him or he's older than I though. Then I looked it up and it was! Then I shouted, IT WAS ABE! and everyone inside the house thought I was crazy and talking about Abe Lincoln. Nope, just another one of the great Abes.
Friday, July 8th, 2005
10:05 pm
Thank you for joining. Now post my minions POST! :)
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